Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

Every teacher knows the feeling I am feeling this morning. "I don't have to get up this morning, Yeah!" Spring break is a time to rest, reflect, and just have fun. Fun maybe reading a book you've had for several months or piling everyone into the SUV and heading for the coast. It's going to be cold at the beach but, who cares. It's a change in our schedules. Do you ever wonder what your students are doing? I pray that they stay safe. Last summer my Son in Law and daughter took me to the beach. Through out my blogs I have used pictures from that trip. I never realized that those pictures bought back great memories of being together and how much fun it can be going to the beach. My grandson was totally enthralled in all of the activities and we had a wonderful time.
What a great experience. I have lived all year with that joy that came from that special trip. I am leaving tomorrow to visit my little family in N.C.. I know I will be filled with joy that will last a long time. Teachers need breaks and they need joyful time to refill their cup. I hope that you all have a wonderful joyful time on your break. God bless you and keep you safe!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When is Spring Break

Here it is March the 9 and I am a little tried. How do 4 year olds know it's Spring break and know to act like teenagers going to the beach to party? Yes, they have wanted to break out and just go crazy. They need to go outside and run and have fun. The weather is great. So let's have fun.I going to see my grandson and family in N.C. for my fun time. Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is a Teacher?

I found this saying a couple of lines down from my blog name on google. I love it. It said "

What are the characteristics of God's Teachers? V. Joy

Joy is the inevitable result of gentleness. Gentleness means that fear is now impossible, and what could come to interfere with joy? The open hands of gentleness are always filled. The gentle have no pain. They cannot suffer. Why would they not be joyous? They are sure they are beloved and must be safe. Joy goes with gentleness as surely as grief attends attack. God’s teachers trust in Him. And they are sure His Teacher goes before them, making sure no harm can come to them. They hold His gifts and follow in His way, because God’s Voice directs them in all things. Joy is their song of thanks. Christ looks down on them in thanks as well. His need of them is just as great as theirs of Him. How joyous it is to share the purpose of salvation!".

Wow ! A just love that explanation of joy!

It is March 1st and only two more months of joy with this little class. In the latter days, they have shown me joy because they are now growing into caring children. The haven't lost their love for talking and I am listening even more to full sentences and new words in their vocabulary. They are developing a need to write words and create their own ideas with words. Thank you Lord for all of these blessings. My joy or cup runnth over. Here comes Spring and we are doing great things.