Friday, August 24, 2012


This summer I traveled to Europe to see Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Budapest!
This is something you all need to do when you are young and able to climb,walk, and enjoy traveling to exciting places. I save my spending money all year to tour some place in Europe every other year.
I have retired now and my trip days maybe limited to seeing the USA. There are so many wonders of the world right under our noise right here in America. This was my four trip in six years and I have seen everything. Truthfully I have seen all the palaces, castles, museums, mountains,wineries, monuments, sculptures, folk art, and souvenirs I want to see. Loved the trips, but got the Tee shirts and don't need anymore.
Back to retiring......After 27 years of teaching I retired. Some say "You are so lucky"!  Yes, I am ,but, you know how active I am and how I do not like dusting, washing, or making grocery lists. Come on, there is got to be more than that!! So now I am looking for some volunteer causes to use my energy. In my younger days I volunteered so much it turned into a full time job. I was not getting paid and wondered why I shouldn't just get a job instead and earn some money. As traveling...I been there done volunteer jobs and got the Tee shirts and don't need anymore!
This leads me to my main point of this blog. I prayer that God gives me a sign for what he wants me to do next in life to facilitate in showing His love to others. I always felt teaching was my gift of showing his love to children through my acts,words, and deeds.  Now I am in a new chapter of my life and am searching for what to do?
I know He has a plan and one of these days I am going to say to myself, "Oh this is what you want from me"!  I will have more time to pray for you my teacher friends. I will ask Him to bless you and give you joy, joy, joy in your days working with children of God.
Teaching is a vocation from God. It's a gift. So use it for the glory of your Father in Heaven.  Go for it!!
I will be searching too. I am looking for that joy he brings to us when we follow his plan not ours.