Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I made it through the year!!!  I think this class was the best one I have ever taught!  The end of the year saw lots of tears.  I just loved those kids so much.  A word to the wise, when 14 out of 20 students turn five before Dec., you have and older class to work with. I had no serious discipline problems and it made the whole year so much fun.  They were so smart.  Here it is Summer again, you know that I do not do well during off time.  I am waiting to leave for a tour of the Italian coast, Rome and Greece.  When things were so rough last fall with Headstart I needed something to look forward to soooo.... I started planning this tour.  Sometimes people just need something to dream about in hard times.  The year turned out perfect.  Headstart is difficult at times but, I enjoyed the year after the initial first few months.  The pay-off now comes.  As teachers we sometimes do not treat ourselves for work well done.  I highly suggest planning something special for yourself after a long year, even if it's just short trips to near by towns.  Breathe! Take time to see old friends.  Go to lunch once a week.  I have difficulty with summer, but, I am learning to deal with it.  I am so blessed this summer with my trip, but , also I will be teaching Summer school in July.  My same students that need a little more time with me.  After I finish summer school I will be going to visit my little family in North Carolina. So, I'm booked for the summer and I thank God for giving me all these gifts of work and play. He is so GREAT!  I pray for all of my fellow teachers that you are enjoying you time off and will return to school refreshed. Laugh, love and play so that your heart will be ready for any new challenges in the fall.