Thursday, August 28, 2014

What…'s Aug.29th, 2014? Time for school to start and I didn't think once about it.

School beginnings always pumped me up and gave me a reason and purpose. A new year, a new set of students that needed love and molding. Not this year! I didn't even remember what day school started except for the post on Facebook. Mostly of loving parent's pictures of the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.
My grandson goes to and all year round school so my daughter is on a totally different schedule.
While teachers were spending hours and hours of preparation for the new year, I was fishing with my grandson. We went bowling (Oh I forgot to let him win). I'm Old School….just because your six yrs. old you don't always win. Saw a terrific movie with him and went to every fast food place his heart desired, even the Ice Cream Parlor in So. Pines. Took him to see his 2 year old nursery school teacher
Ms. Vickie (we are Facebook friends) and we love Ms. Vickie.

I am back from my visit…totally exhausted, but, oh so happy to be retired.
I know the Lord has more for me to do so I better cut this short and do some praying. Only through prayer can I hear his voice an his direction.
Happy school year to all. May it be the best one ever. Add your years up and see when you can join of the retired or should I say tire retired. It's so much fun.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Busy Busy Bee (Oh I mean ) Me!

It's only June and in one month I can't believe all I have done. Not bragging ….just amazed. The Lord gave me strength to finally let go of all those plastic tubs of teaching supplies…, first half to Salvation Army and then to three young teachers who needed "Stuff".  I cried the first have of the tubs and rejoiced at the fun in the faces of those young teachers receiving "Gifts of gold"as they called them!!!
Yes, I finally gave up my Title of Teacher of young children.  I did not give up the title of God's Teacher of love. Kinda has a good ring to it!!!!!
 Let's think about my past month…..designed watercolors from pictures of historic Hispanic Tiles from Famous San Antonio Artist from the 50's.  Here are some.

I didn't stop there… on to painting canvas shoes with acrylics. Oh how much fun are they to design. First design was a Lilly Pulitzer inspired pair for myself. Since I can't afford a lot of "Lilly" apparel I just made my own.  Big success !!! Then came the Ocean scene…the the Nantucket…then the Peligan…then another Lilly and the Fiesta Flowers.. Now working on a pair with 14 grandchildren made with 14 different boys and girls stick figures for a grandmother.  When I paint I pray….I think of the joy God has given me. I think of my children, friends and family and I pray. Painting and praying wow what joy is that?????  So who knows what will come next. I am having fun with God's gifts to me and enjoying the time of retirement.

I pray for all my friends who are just  getting out of school. My sweet friends take time to relax and smell the flowers. I pray you have a JOY filled summer so that you can be the best helpers God has out there doing his job on earth……teaching His children!! God Bless You and have fun!!! I am!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another year Happier!!!!!

An abbreviated version of my year. Wow, how much fun can one woman have in one year.
Started the new year with an absolutely Beautiful Wedding of my Niece's on Cape Cod…..Ferry to Nantucket and shopping in the best LILLY Shop in the world. Loved the whole area.
I want to go back sometime! See being retired is not bad!!!!

Found an old(long ago) friend on Facebook. I've been having lunch a lot with her!!! It's so much fun.

Summer Fun in San Antonio with the whole family.
Easter gathering at Sister's place in the country was just beautiful!!!! she's a photographer and we got great shots of each other.  Love pictures of family!!! So happy!
I would love to display more…well just one more… A surprise party of new Friend's by a special friend BOO!  Thanks for the memories …..all of them.

And today starts another year of wonder and joy.
What will God bring my way?  I pray each day for a word from Him and which way to go.  It's a little hard waiting for answers,but they do come and it is so fun when I realize it's God's plan for me.
Retirement is rough for the first two years but if you put God as your "Event Planner" you will never be without JOY!!! I still pray
for my friends who are teachers and I know they are doing what God wants them to do!! Stick with it as long as possible…He needs a lot of helpers out there!!!!!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Busy Busy Me

February has flown by and I have been very busy.  After almost a year and a half I finally feel good about retirement.  Yes it took me that long. I wish I could write a book about the down side of retirement and let every teacher see what it's like.
God has a plan! I don't know quite what it is but, I am praying everyday that I hear his messages to me! Once I heard him say "Not the children,but the older people you must help".  So I went over to the Senior Citizen's Center and introduced myself to the director.  Funny thing they had more things going on than I do.  I played bingo one day and went to the Stock Show in the van.  Instead of them needing me …It's the other way around.
I've been busy also planning the refinishing of our floors in the house and tile installation  in two other rooms.  Getting Bids and talking over the details is a full time job.!!!
I was pity padding around one day and one of my friends said "You have a full time job just planning the house renovations"!  Yelp!  Zap me on the head and tell me again how I would have time to take a friend to lunch on her birthday, or go help someone with their computer, or go socialize with the neighborhood group of ladies at one of the local restaurants if I wasn't retired !!!!!!
Yes, it's been hard but I also have realized I didn't die at 61.  There are so many seniors in their 70s and 80s who arevibrant and still going….even 90s.
It's been good for me to see that there is a life after retirement and it's looking pretty good for me right now.
God blesses me everyday with surprising new adventures and I thank Him for all he has shown me so far. I know he has a lot more joy joy joy in store for me. I must just keep my eyes and ears open to that joy.
God bless all of you still out there in the trenches, may God show you the joy of your job! Remember it's not always greener on the other side of the fence.  But it might be?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy New Year…the year of the Horse in China

New Year, New Friends, New Activities!

I am meeting new friends from here and there. I was in CornerBakery and meet a sweet woman from Illinois who is a professor. She was from Ireland originally and so we had a talk. She was visiting her adopted American families here in San Antonio. I asked if anytime she needed help with them to just call me. That was in June.
She and her family came to visit these same friends for Christmas and invited me to meet a lovely family that did not live far from me. I fell in love with this elderly couple immediately.
See how God works for me.
I was needing some new friends and some that have the same interests as I.
I can't say enough about how God works in my life.

I've helped this new friend with her computer work and loved every minute, you see she needs me like I need her!!!!
I am almost in tears right now,
 so I'll keep you informed of my new friends and new opportunities to serve the Lord and his people in my next post!
Until then…. May God give you JOY JOY JOY in your journey wherever you are!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The story of the Magi

The story of the Magi…..

Posted: 30 Dec 2013 10:01 PM PST
Have you ever wondered what led the wise men to undertake their long, dangerous journey to Bethlehem? What led them to believe that the particular star they followed would lead them to a great king?
What most people know about the Magi comes from popular traditions and Christmas carols, few of which are supported by the biblical text. Matthew does not suggest the Magi were kings, he does not say they were three in number, nor is it likely they were from the Orient.
magiWho then were these Magi, and where did they originate? Craig Chester, past president of the Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy gives the following description of the Magi:
The group of Magi in question came "from the East." They might have been Zoroastrians, Medes, Persians, Arabs, or even Jews. They probably served as court advisors, making forecasts and predictions for their royal patrons based on their study of the stars, about which they were quite knowledgeable. Magi often wandered from court to court, and it was not unusual for them to cover great distances in order to attend the birth or crowning of a king, paying their respects and offering gifts. It is not surprising, therefore, that Matthew would mention them as validation of Jesus' kingship, or that Herod would regard their arrival as a very serious matter.
The Magi were important, powerful people of their day. The mention of their visit to Jerusalem was Matthew's way of securing the testimony of top scientific authorities to authenticate the royal birth of Jesus.
There are many references in ancient literature to Magi visiting kings and emperors. For example, Tiridates, king of Armenia, led a procession of Magi to pay homage to Nero in Rome in AD 66. Josephus records that Magi also visited Herod in about 10 B.C. A visit by the Magi to pay homage to a newborn king would not have appeared unusual to the original readers of Matthew's gospel.
It would not, however, have gone unnoticed. In fact, Matthew 2:3 says that not only was Herod disturbed but also "all Jerusalem with him." The Magi were such important individuals; they probably traveled with a large entourage that included soldiers, even a small army for protection. So it should not be surprising that Herod and the citizens of Jerusalem were troubled when they arrived.

What Led the Magi to Jerusalem?

The Magi must have seen an unmistakably clear astronomical/astrological message to urge them on such a long, dangerous journey. In Matthew 2:2, the Magi indicated that they saw something in the night sky that was so significant it convinced them to make the trip of more than a thousand miles to Jerusalem to look for this new king.
How could seeing "signs in the sky" inform the Magi that a king of the Jews had been born?
The answer may take us back more than 500 years to the work of one of God's faithful servants during the Babylonian exile. We read that King Nebuchadnezzar assigned Daniel to the high office of "chief of the magicians, enchanters, astrologers, and diviners" (Daniel 5:11). In other words, Daniel was appointed chief of the Magi.
The Magi of the first century would have most certainly studied the writing of Daniel and possibly other Jewish writings with which Daniel would have been associated, such as the book of Isaiah. This connection between Daniel and Magi may help to explain why the Magi in question 600 years later expected a Jewish king to arrive in Judea near the end of the first century.
In fact, there is evidence that Daniel's prophecy of the coming of a powerful Jewish king was well known to many in the ancient world in the first century. Both the Jewish historian Josephus and the Roman historian Tacitus wrote about a widely held belief based on ancient writings among the Jews of a great world ruler that would be from Judea. It is likely therefore that the Magi followed the star based on their study of Daniel's writings.
Because Daniel was faithful in his work, God used him to bring the news of the birth of Christ to both his fellow Israelites and even the some of the most powerful, knowledgeable, and influential Gentiles of the day.

For the Good of the City

In Jeremiah 29, we find part of Jeremiah's letter to the exiles in Babylon: "seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare" (Jeremiah 29:7).
These exiles, including Daniel, had seen the destruction of their homeland, the death of their family members, and the demolishing of their holiest place of worship. It must have been hard to work for the good of a city that had destroyed his homeland, yet Daniel obeyed God's call and became "chief of the Magi" and an adviser to the king.
In a way, we too are in "exile," for we live in a fallen, sinful world and look forward to when Christ will return and restore it. But rather than sit passively, we actively engage in the world because God calls us to "work in the peace and prosperity of the city" here and now.
With Christmas passed and the business year about to start again it is good to be reminded about the effect of our work. God calls us to be faithful in the here and now, even when we can't always see the result of what we do. We have no idea how God will use it.
Take the story of Edward Kimball, a Sunday school teacher. Concerned for the spiritual wellbeing of his pupils, he never gave up, even though the task of teaching a group of rowdy boys could be mundane and difficult.
It turns out that through Kimball's teaching, evangelist D. L. Moody came to Christ. In his lifetime, Moody led thousands to Christ, including Wilbur Chapman. Chapman himself became an evangelist who converted the famous preacher Billy Sunday. During his many evangelistic meetings, Sunday led Mordecai Ham to accept the gospel. And who did Ham reach? His preaching led to the conversion of Billy Graham, who preached to more people than any other individual and led untold thousands to Christ.
Today, few people remember Edward Kimball. Yet because of his faithfulness and tenacity, God used his efforts to set off an incredible chain of events that saved millions.
The story of the star of Bethlehem and the Magi does not start in Matthew 2. It extends hundreds of years back to the Babylonian exile where Daniel faithfully answered God's call to work and engage in the culture—even in the most difficult of times. If we are faithful in this same call, who knows how God will use what we do today to further his kingdom tomorrow.