Saturday, February 22, 2014

Busy Busy Me

February has flown by and I have been very busy.  After almost a year and a half I finally feel good about retirement.  Yes it took me that long. I wish I could write a book about the down side of retirement and let every teacher see what it's like.
God has a plan! I don't know quite what it is but, I am praying everyday that I hear his messages to me! Once I heard him say "Not the children,but the older people you must help".  So I went over to the Senior Citizen's Center and introduced myself to the director.  Funny thing they had more things going on than I do.  I played bingo one day and went to the Stock Show in the van.  Instead of them needing me …It's the other way around.
I've been busy also planning the refinishing of our floors in the house and tile installation  in two other rooms.  Getting Bids and talking over the details is a full time job.!!!
I was pity padding around one day and one of my friends said "You have a full time job just planning the house renovations"!  Yelp!  Zap me on the head and tell me again how I would have time to take a friend to lunch on her birthday, or go help someone with their computer, or go socialize with the neighborhood group of ladies at one of the local restaurants if I wasn't retired !!!!!!
Yes, it's been hard but I also have realized I didn't die at 61.  There are so many seniors in their 70s and 80s who arevibrant and still going….even 90s.
It's been good for me to see that there is a life after retirement and it's looking pretty good for me right now.
God blesses me everyday with surprising new adventures and I thank Him for all he has shown me so far. I know he has a lot more joy joy joy in store for me. I must just keep my eyes and ears open to that joy.
God bless all of you still out there in the trenches, may God show you the joy of your job! Remember it's not always greener on the other side of the fence.  But it might be?

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