Friday, May 20, 2011

It's May!

How did it get to May 20? In teaching time flies by. I know my birthday was May 3rd and I had a great trip to Las Vegas with friends for the big 60. I guess that's where all the time went.
My class gave me a big surprise party. I was absent the day before so my co teacher had them make banners and cards for me. WOW what a great teaching experience. They were giving to me their love. They were thinking about someone else! That says allot about how simple activities can turn into learning activities. They were writing and illustrating and learning an they didn't even know it. Many thanks go out to my partner in the classroom Diana Sandoval for providing that wonderful experience for my class and me. They were so excited and proud of what they had "surprised me" with. Of course, against all rules we had birthday cake for their surprise. Learning is not just academics is it? Consideration of others is a big lesson to learn when your 4 and 5 years old. I count my blessing everyday.
Next week we will be going on a pretend trip to the islands of Hawaii. Full blast , last week.
Hula dancing, singing, eating topical foods and reading original children's books from Hawaii.
Hula skirts, flower leis and all that go with going to an island. We will have splash day the next week to end the year. Wow what fun we will have I know. I"m so excited! Wish me luck.