Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time sure flies when you're having fun. This week we started our Trip to Outer space. Yes, every year I have some frantic student ask the big question"How far are we going in outer pace"? Concerned about this imaginary trip they will tell me their mom or dad does not want them to go. I can't laugh,they are dead serious. I explain that it is in their imagination and we are going to PRETEND to go to outer space. That takes care of that problem. I have collected at garage sales and thrift stores over the years all kinds of space toys. I have a whole plastic tub full of ideas and books. Only a few years ago, I started putting my material in tubs and marking them. Sure makes teaching allot eaiser. The only problem is storage. Oh well it's worth it. Next week will be even more fun when I pull out all the books on aliens and they get to make their own alien book. Fun, fun, fun, what can I say. May will be here and our unit on the ocean and vacation land will wrap it up. Every year I choose and island theme and really go all out. I have often said that my students haven't had the opportunities of most four and five year old so......
That's my job, to bring it to them. Here's some questions I ask myself today. What is my personal spiritual creed? What beliefs sustain me through difficult times? What does being a child of God an heir with Christ (Romans 8:15-17) mean to me? My answer to all of these is......
Being the best teacher I can for the love of God and his people on this earth (especially his little ones). Maybe my love for God will spill over and I can show his love through teaching. I pray that you as teachers can see and feel the love of God when you are with your students doing the best job you know how. Praise God for all your gifts. And.....use them!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five year old's are so much fun. I was remembering when I was five. First, I lived on a ranch in the sandhills of Texas. Life was very different back 50 years ago. My parents were old when I was born. So........ When I went to my cousins skating birthday party in the city, I didn't know how to roller skate. I was a little fluffy at five and I riped my new pants and had to sit on the bench the whole party. Needless to say I never learned to skate. My cousin was from the city and would come visit on Sundays. All is fair in love and war...... when she tried to ride my horse, the horse ran down the road and cousin was hanging on for her dear life. She never learn to ride a horse. My Mom and Dad would saddle up that pony and I would ride for hours, all over the country. What were they thinking? They were thinking, thank God she's gone and we can have some peace for a while. You see ADHD children back in those days just had to cope and so did parents. The only problem with riding the horse so much, was when we got anywhere close to the barn it would tear off running and make a very sudden stop at the barn. I was of course on the ground having been thrown off at the abrupt stop. It happened every time. Ouch! One more story..... When it came time for my Holy Communion (I was brought up Catholic) I received money from my brother who was stationed in Germany. All I wanted from the money was to buy a Beebe gun. It was not powerful enough to kill an ant but I got it. I was playing like Annie Oakley on my horse and shot the gun like in the movies and landed in a castus plant, with my horse looking at me like "What the heck was that about". Ouch! Wow, I"m really impressed I can remember all that. Thank you God for that great life I had growing up. I pray that you as educators share your stories with your students and make them laugh too. Isn't Life fun?

Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009 This weekend was the beginning of Fiesta and My husband and I attended the Southwest Craft Center Art Fair. Enough said, I"m getting old or things are changing. Everything look like Ghetto art or was 3,000 dollars. We have very little on our walls at home and I guess that's the way it will stay. We went to our neighborhood King's Party and had a nice time. The King comes and passes out medals to all the underlings. This is Monday I wore all my of my medal from years past and told the students all about the King. We got right to work making our own medals with student picture and lots of glitter. Wow, here we go again. Tomorrow we willbe making our Crowns(more glitter) and get a little more excited. Our float parade is Thursday and the Mini Fiesta too. The King comes to visit our school during the fiesta party and by Thursday afternoon I'll be one tired cascagone (yes misspelled. Ha. Ha!) To say the least, I will never look back and say, "I didn't do my job"! The difference is, I LOVE IT. Thanks be to God, that I have a job (yeah) but most of all it is a job that is full filling. I pray that you teachers out there look at you job as I do, a joy that has been given to us. Praise be to God.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter is over, all the decorations are removed and onward we go to the next exciting adventure... Yes, San Antonio celebrates big time at Fiesta. Some of my students don't even know where they live,so, I produce a mini fiasco I mean Fiesta. What is a Fiesta? It's a party. What goes on at a party? Food, games, dancing, music, parades, kings and queens, fireworks, carnivals. I even have snacks that are representative of foods served at fiesta. Foods like kabobs, cotton candy, Popsicles, bueneulos, candied apples,chips and sauce. We dance the chicken dance , the Mexican hat dance and La Raspa. We have our own parade with floats that the students and their parents build (what a competition). And to top it off we have a mini fiesta and the King Antonio and his entourage come and pass out coins. When Fiesta really begins, I am so burned out I really don't care whats going on in town. When I think of this celebration I remember the big party in the Book of Ester. It went on and on and sounds sorta like Fiesta.
In Ester's case the King was trying to impress the people of his kingdom. Are we trying to do the same thing with Fiesta? I know it's important for my students to learn about the culture in our city and they do learn allot of vocabulary. I hope my students learn something. I'm having fun and I pray that your teaching role is a joyful experience. My niece who is a super educator says, "If it's cute it should count". Live it up, Vive Fiesta!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eater Sunday

Here it is Easter Sunday and I'm relaxing with my family. Did the egg hunt on the kitchen floor with my grandson(it was raining). Made the birthday cake for my oldest daughter's birthday and now waiting for the big dinner at 1:00. Holidays for me are for resting, I get so stirred up with my class that when the real thing comes I am exhausted. I've tried to slow down but my emotions are still racing, I must remember my exhaustion is nothing compared to the pain Jesus felt on the cross. The holes the nails made on his hands and feets make my health problems seem trivial. Jesus came to save us from our sins. He also was resurrected on the third day. Today should be for me, a day of feeling the joy of New Life which Jesus gave to me on that heavenly day He rose from the dead.

Rejoice I say for He has risen!!!! I pray for all teachers that today they feel the NEW LIFE Jesus gave to each one of us.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am here to confess.....I need a head check. This week is Easter week and I am on over load.
I volunteered to teach and enrichment class after school (for money) and I went for my first volunteer hours at the Saddle Light Riding Club. Of course you know I am ADHD and take medication, but, sometimes I get as worked up about celebrating as the kids do. I can't help it.
It's a jelly bean high. We made these special bunny cards for the parents and had the annual Easter egg hunt. After the hunt we graph the eggs and count them. Well the morning class had 209 eggs and when it came to the afternoon class I just couldn't. Know your limits. My back was killing me and we had double the amount of eggs. We just stuffed every basket as full as we could and sent them on their way....Happy Easter. Now I can concentrate on enjoying my Grandson and daughters. Sorry, Lord, now I can think about this weekend and the true meaning of Easter. I pray for all your sweet teachers out there that you Easter egg hunts are over and that you can now have time to celebrate.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter is just around the corner. I"m doing my best to hype my students up about the big event. Today we made a bunny cake. I just love being a Pre-K teacher. They were so thrilled about this cake and they even liked eating it. Wouldn't it be nice if we as adults could feel the "thrill". It was just a simple cake and so easy to make. Think back to the last time you felt "thrilled" I'm a big believer in angels as God's helpers and many times I have been thrilled by simple things that happen to me.
I have many stories about my angels and I will share them with you sometime. God thrills me with his greatness and love all the time. I pray that your teaching gives you that child like "thrill".

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anwser to a prayer

If you've read my blog,you might remember one of my fantasies was to ride horses again. Well over the weekend I found a request for volunteers at the Saddle Club for special needs children. Wow, thanks,God! It's once a week for 2 hours. It will be walking the horses while the child rides. I'm thrilled at the opportunity to work with horses ,but, most of all to be able to help children with this kind of therapy.
What a wonderful God we have. I hope your life is filled with little surprises from God, it sure makes life fun. Ask that you may recieve. I pray that you as a teacher can hear God's messages to you.