Saturday, September 17, 2011

How time goes by.

Sept. 17 2011
I can't believe that I have been in school for three weeks with my new class. With each new class opens your eyes to opportunities. Yes, I have allot of new ideas to implement and some old stand byes that work every time. Isn't it fun how as teachers you are always looking for the newest gadget or updated curriculum to use.
Well, I've got the best of the best... IPAD2. That thing is amazing. Only thing about it.....I don't know everything I need to know on how to use it. I even went to two training. I'm not a techie but with God's help I'll learn. The students love to use it even the ones who have never seen one.
My class this year is a little bit more balanced 9 girls 11 boys.
Every year you know from reading my blog that I feel like a birth a baby and this is the first trimester. At the end of the labor pain comes the finish product... A beautiful human being ready to face the world of kindergarten. The sadness comes in at the end when they leave and I have an empty nest for the summer.
Last year I stop saying "What will I do?" I realized my years of experience of birthing 27 years of babies does pay off. My favorite line now is "I'm not on the JV team any more". With experience comes knowledge that is not written in any book to read. I have the instruction and the experiences of teaching I just need to remember to pray to the Lord to help me remember
those countless memories of things that work and the ones that are not sufficient any more.
I live in the new millennium and need to step up to the new kinds of children and their needs. That's where I say God comes in with all His angels and guides me as I go down this new path.
This all sounds pretty serious and it is. So I must everyday release my pride and pray to God to give strength to hear His words and follow the right path.
What would the world be like with out experienced teachers. Thank you Lord for giving the joy of teaching to me. I hope all of my teacher friends are doing great and that this will be a year of rebirth for you in many ways. Like the metamorphoses of a butterfly we will be born again to serve the Lord each teaching year. Amen

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer time is winding down.

Summertime is coming to an abutpt end tomorrow, August 15. Yes, I will be heading back to work teaching school and I can say every year there's a nervous anticipation of what the new year will bring.
I have to rely on one thing... I've been doing this for some time. I've lost track of the number of years. It's been around 25 to 27 years. I am confused because I took two different times in my life to work in other professions. I always came back to teaching. I shouldn't be nervous, after all I'm not on the JV team anymore.
This summer was one of many goals; learning how to relax, coping with my spending habit to feel better and accomplishing some simple tasks of cleaning my house after watching one episode of "Hoarders". No I am not a hoarder but things had gotten messy at my house. I made a few trips to Goodwill and that felt great. No, I did not shop there. I delivered donations of un needed items from my house. Check that off the list, the last two days of my vacation were spent making the goal come true. My house looks great. Next goal was to not get depressed so I took on a project for my sister (Rehabilation Therapist) to make a new pattern for a pillow that helps you sleep better and aids patients in rehab. It took me four tries and I finally got the pattern right. That felt good, old skills of pattern adjustment are still intact. These pillows are suppose to realine the neck and spiral cord to help with sleep and comfort in bed. They are like the pillows in the airport you buy for sleeping on the plane. Mine are butterfly shape and are very decorative. So you can toss them on a chair or bed to add color and character to your room.
Check that off the task list. I have made around 25 of these cute little critters.
I did visit my family in North Carolina in June and visited my other daughter twice this summer to clean, clean, an organize her draws, pantry, cabinets. I'm still on that hoarding kick. It took me two episodes of that horrible show to make me go crazy and that's when I realized my ADHD condition demands organization to help me perform comfortably in my Hyperactive world. Yes, we adult Adhder's like things in their place for our own sanity. Everyone likes order, right?
I went out to lunch a few times with best friends and went to some pretty wonderful movies.
The Smurfs with their adult humor was great and the Help was wonderful. I laughed and cried.
Summer school was fun. I loved every minute co- teaching with a good friend.
Of course, the most fun was laying around our beautiful pool and being with my loving husband most every Sat and Sun. Well one more day in the sun and then it will be off to a new year of teaching. Lord please be with me in all I do and say. Help me be the best that I can be in Your name amen.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time Off

Teaching can be a challenge but time off for me is the biggest challenge. Get this..... I went to a sale while I was traveling. It was a sale of outdoor cushions for every size and shape chair, lounge chair or bar stool you could every buy. Wow did I go crazy. Ha, ha and then when I went to ship them all home guess what, it was going to cost 300 dollars. Dumb me! I was going to cut some of the cushions up to make the right sizes for my chairs so I preceded to rip all the stuffing out and then I pack the material in my suit case that I carried on the plane. Real smart? No! Now I have to sew them all up and stuff them again. Luckily I have some coupons for stuffing at Joann's. I added it all up and guess what? I could have bought everything at home for almost the same price. I did ship one large box by Postal and it cost 90 dollars. Oh well, now I have a project to work on. I"ll have to show finished products to you in a later blog. Wish me luck.
This project will sure keep me out of the stores for a while, except Joann's. I hope that you are having a great vacation where ever you are. God is still trying to teach me to be conservative with money, but, I keep flubbing up. I know He loves me and is still watching over me. He's probably laughing and saying "Make the best of your mess"! In the long run I will be very busy sewing. God knows me so well!!! Busy hands are happy hands. Thank you, Lord for loving me so much even if I'm a little ADHD. Hope you are glorified in the Lord this summer. Love You.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Last day of work for this teaching year. I are very tired as I write but, knowing my summer is full is a good feeling. I've told you many times, I do not do well with empty time. There's just so much relaxing and then I've got to have something to do. You may need more time to relax, but I have always become bored with nothing planned. It's part of my ADHD. I can be a little hyper at times and I pray to God in those times to teach me to slow down and "smell the roses." I have a wonderful back yard and I plan on working hard to make it even better. Isn't God great. He gives us so much. I need to take time to enjoy the little things....reading good books, sunning in the warm sun and just enjoying being at home with my husband. I'm not taking an extensive trip this year but I plan to visit my little family in N.C. and then teach summer school in July and then visit my daughter in Dallas a couple of times. Sounds like I've got it all planned. Wow, I feel better already. I hope God gives you special times and rest this summer. They really knew what they were doing when they planned teachers having time off in the summer. Who made that law? I'll have to look it up on google, my favorite way to find answers. Gotta go finish the last day. God Bless you and give you joy this summer.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bye Bye Sweeties

June 2, 2011. I am in transition, trying not to cry and be joyful for a year well done. We have had so much fun the last few weeks with Splash Day, Memory Day and now today is Pajama Day. We danced our last dance (Hula) for our parents and sang our favorite songs. We have become friends. Some of the students know change is coming. Tears are being shed and a joy of all the things we have learned is being spilled out like Niagara Falls. For me, it's like birthing a baby, the labor pains are gone and forgotten and the joy of that beautiful baby is all you can think about. We will miss their smiling faces and new acquired language skills. For when they have language they say, "I love you." Many thanks go out to my Co-teacher Diana for the labors of love she pours out to all. I could not do my job so successfully without her.
Thank you Lord for giving me this time with these cherished students. Thank You for always being there for me. Help me grow in your likeness so that all can see Your love. Amen.

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's May!

How did it get to May 20? In teaching time flies by. I know my birthday was May 3rd and I had a great trip to Las Vegas with friends for the big 60. I guess that's where all the time went.
My class gave me a big surprise party. I was absent the day before so my co teacher had them make banners and cards for me. WOW what a great teaching experience. They were giving to me their love. They were thinking about someone else! That says allot about how simple activities can turn into learning activities. They were writing and illustrating and learning an they didn't even know it. Many thanks go out to my partner in the classroom Diana Sandoval for providing that wonderful experience for my class and me. They were so excited and proud of what they had "surprised me" with. Of course, against all rules we had birthday cake for their surprise. Learning is not just academics is it? Consideration of others is a big lesson to learn when your 4 and 5 years old. I count my blessing everyday.
Next week we will be going on a pretend trip to the islands of Hawaii. Full blast , last week.
Hula dancing, singing, eating topical foods and reading original children's books from Hawaii.
Hula skirts, flower leis and all that go with going to an island. We will have splash day the next week to end the year. Wow what fun we will have I know. I"m so excited! Wish me luck.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's April 9 and it's Fiesta week in San Antonio. How much fun can that be? As a teacher of our cities culture, I really get into the whole party with my kids. I am just about to go buy stuff to decorate my room and plan fun activities for the students. This gives me great joy. Sometimes it's the big things in life that just get you going and add pleasure to your teaching situations. Fiesta is like nothing else in the USA. So go have fun teachers. Live it up and get a little joy in your life.
You've got to see this video on utube. It's calls Joy joy joy kittens. It's really funny.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

Every teacher knows the feeling I am feeling this morning. "I don't have to get up this morning, Yeah!" Spring break is a time to rest, reflect, and just have fun. Fun maybe reading a book you've had for several months or piling everyone into the SUV and heading for the coast. It's going to be cold at the beach but, who cares. It's a change in our schedules. Do you ever wonder what your students are doing? I pray that they stay safe. Last summer my Son in Law and daughter took me to the beach. Through out my blogs I have used pictures from that trip. I never realized that those pictures bought back great memories of being together and how much fun it can be going to the beach. My grandson was totally enthralled in all of the activities and we had a wonderful time.
What a great experience. I have lived all year with that joy that came from that special trip. I am leaving tomorrow to visit my little family in N.C.. I know I will be filled with joy that will last a long time. Teachers need breaks and they need joyful time to refill their cup. I hope that you all have a wonderful joyful time on your break. God bless you and keep you safe!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When is Spring Break

Here it is March the 9 and I am a little tried. How do 4 year olds know it's Spring break and know to act like teenagers going to the beach to party? Yes, they have wanted to break out and just go crazy. They need to go outside and run and have fun. The weather is great. So let's have fun.I going to see my grandson and family in N.C. for my fun time. Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is a Teacher?

I found this saying a couple of lines down from my blog name on google. I love it. It said "

What are the characteristics of God's Teachers? V. Joy

Joy is the inevitable result of gentleness. Gentleness means that fear is now impossible, and what could come to interfere with joy? The open hands of gentleness are always filled. The gentle have no pain. They cannot suffer. Why would they not be joyous? They are sure they are beloved and must be safe. Joy goes with gentleness as surely as grief attends attack. God’s teachers trust in Him. And they are sure His Teacher goes before them, making sure no harm can come to them. They hold His gifts and follow in His way, because God’s Voice directs them in all things. Joy is their song of thanks. Christ looks down on them in thanks as well. His need of them is just as great as theirs of Him. How joyous it is to share the purpose of salvation!".

Wow ! A just love that explanation of joy!

It is March 1st and only two more months of joy with this little class. In the latter days, they have shown me joy because they are now growing into caring children. The haven't lost their love for talking and I am listening even more to full sentences and new words in their vocabulary. They are developing a need to write words and create their own ideas with words. Thank you Lord for all of these blessings. My joy or cup runnth over. Here comes Spring and we are doing great things.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is in the air.

Here it is Feb. 13!!!!! How time flies when you're having fun..or learning. Yes, my little ones have grown into a very energetic, caring group. After all the work we have done learning about our feelings, we have arrived. They were making valentines cards all last week and giving them to their friends when they finished making them. Immediate thrill of the moment. It was so sweet seeing this happen in my class. The best part, they were copying words on the cards like love, hugs,kisses. "I love you!" was the best. That exclamation point counts as knowing punctuation. SCORE one for punctuation. Yes, I was exhausted from all the enthusiasm, but wow what fun to see so much growth. Even the younger ones who are not quite there yet were in great competition to try writing letters. Thank you Lord! It takes time with some groups and we are now reaching the Teachable moments of our year. I heart for this time when I can really kick up the expectations. Love means many things. I heard a quote last night. "Love makes the world go round...Love makes the trip worth the ride". Happy Hearts to all tomorrow on St. Valentines Day. Hope you get lots of hugs!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How did it get to be Jan. 26? Things are really moving along! Everyone in the class knows the social rules....Yeah. Finally the rules soaked in. Fifteen boys and five girls is not a good mix and I must constantly remember that boys and girls do not mature at the same rate. We are now studying about Winter. It doesn't snow in San Antonio so teaching about winter snow and activities can be a challenge. Oh but technology has take a big role in finding clips of kids playinging the snow, sledding. and skiing. The students love the big screen images. To change the subject.
My husband meet a wonderful Author on ebay, her name is Meryl Erlanger. She has published two series of children's books one is, George and Gracie (two little terriers) who go to live in the big city of New York. She also has a series about some adorable Abacus called "Hooves and Kisses".
She has an interactive site of both series and it's really good. Look her up. Her books are delightful. It's always fun to fund new literature for my students. I think she will have the "New Dogs" on the block. Move over Clifford.
Hope you are having a good year. Would love to hear from you and your thoughts about these new books. Talk to you later. God Bless!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun times begin.

It was the best day ever!! I had a tired little group, but they were really happy to be back in school. One mother told me her son asked every morning of the holiday, "Is it school today?" He even got mad a couple of times. He was really ready to come back. WOW! That made my day. Please God guide me to be the best teacher everyday. It's not always easy but it's worth it!!!! I posted the picture to make you laugh. I'm silly and like it that way. So do my students. Thank you Lord for giving me humor. It feels so good to laugh. I pray for you as teachers to just be silly sometimes and enjoy what you do in the name of the Father. Amen.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! Tomorrow will be a very exciting day. My students will be wanting me to know everything that happened over the holiday. Some will have a hard time remembering the rules and everything they learned before Christmas. It's okay. As teachers that's what we are called to do......RECALL. I hope my students surprise me and we hit the road running . I"m going to take a day to just listen and recall. Pre-k is suppose to be a language building experience, isn't it? I am all excited to see them all. I"m sure they have grown allot and are glad to be back at school. Hopefully!
I needed the rest and I feel like a new person. I think that's what the Holidays are all about,resting. With my new and energetic mood I think I will be in good shape to do my job well.
Results of time and growth are so exciting for teachers. They will be taller and wiser and ready to learn more since they are more mature after Holidays .
So what's on your agenda? I hope you have fun the first day back. Just listen and laugh and make sure you get those manners and rules back in place. I pray for all of you. Have a wonderful day back and look forward to the wonders of maturity your students will exhibit. Isn't God great! Show Gods love in all that you do. Go for it, in his name Amen.