Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer time is winding down.

Summertime is coming to an abutpt end tomorrow, August 15. Yes, I will be heading back to work teaching school and I can say every year there's a nervous anticipation of what the new year will bring.
I have to rely on one thing... I've been doing this for some time. I've lost track of the number of years. It's been around 25 to 27 years. I am confused because I took two different times in my life to work in other professions. I always came back to teaching. I shouldn't be nervous, after all I'm not on the JV team anymore.
This summer was one of many goals; learning how to relax, coping with my spending habit to feel better and accomplishing some simple tasks of cleaning my house after watching one episode of "Hoarders". No I am not a hoarder but things had gotten messy at my house. I made a few trips to Goodwill and that felt great. No, I did not shop there. I delivered donations of un needed items from my house. Check that off the list, the last two days of my vacation were spent making the goal come true. My house looks great. Next goal was to not get depressed so I took on a project for my sister (Rehabilation Therapist) to make a new pattern for a pillow that helps you sleep better and aids patients in rehab. It took me four tries and I finally got the pattern right. That felt good, old skills of pattern adjustment are still intact. These pillows are suppose to realine the neck and spiral cord to help with sleep and comfort in bed. They are like the pillows in the airport you buy for sleeping on the plane. Mine are butterfly shape and are very decorative. So you can toss them on a chair or bed to add color and character to your room.
Check that off the task list. I have made around 25 of these cute little critters.
I did visit my family in North Carolina in June and visited my other daughter twice this summer to clean, clean, an organize her draws, pantry, cabinets. I'm still on that hoarding kick. It took me two episodes of that horrible show to make me go crazy and that's when I realized my ADHD condition demands organization to help me perform comfortably in my Hyperactive world. Yes, we adult Adhder's like things in their place for our own sanity. Everyone likes order, right?
I went out to lunch a few times with best friends and went to some pretty wonderful movies.
The Smurfs with their adult humor was great and the Help was wonderful. I laughed and cried.
Summer school was fun. I loved every minute co- teaching with a good friend.
Of course, the most fun was laying around our beautiful pool and being with my loving husband most every Sat and Sun. Well one more day in the sun and then it will be off to a new year of teaching. Lord please be with me in all I do and say. Help me be the best that I can be in Your name amen.

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