Saturday, September 17, 2011

How time goes by.

Sept. 17 2011
I can't believe that I have been in school for three weeks with my new class. With each new class opens your eyes to opportunities. Yes, I have allot of new ideas to implement and some old stand byes that work every time. Isn't it fun how as teachers you are always looking for the newest gadget or updated curriculum to use.
Well, I've got the best of the best... IPAD2. That thing is amazing. Only thing about it.....I don't know everything I need to know on how to use it. I even went to two training. I'm not a techie but with God's help I'll learn. The students love to use it even the ones who have never seen one.
My class this year is a little bit more balanced 9 girls 11 boys.
Every year you know from reading my blog that I feel like a birth a baby and this is the first trimester. At the end of the labor pain comes the finish product... A beautiful human being ready to face the world of kindergarten. The sadness comes in at the end when they leave and I have an empty nest for the summer.
Last year I stop saying "What will I do?" I realized my years of experience of birthing 27 years of babies does pay off. My favorite line now is "I'm not on the JV team any more". With experience comes knowledge that is not written in any book to read. I have the instruction and the experiences of teaching I just need to remember to pray to the Lord to help me remember
those countless memories of things that work and the ones that are not sufficient any more.
I live in the new millennium and need to step up to the new kinds of children and their needs. That's where I say God comes in with all His angels and guides me as I go down this new path.
This all sounds pretty serious and it is. So I must everyday release my pride and pray to God to give strength to hear His words and follow the right path.
What would the world be like with out experienced teachers. Thank you Lord for giving the joy of teaching to me. I hope all of my teacher friends are doing great and that this will be a year of rebirth for you in many ways. Like the metamorphoses of a butterfly we will be born again to serve the Lord each teaching year. Amen

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