Friday, June 24, 2011

Time Off

Teaching can be a challenge but time off for me is the biggest challenge. Get this..... I went to a sale while I was traveling. It was a sale of outdoor cushions for every size and shape chair, lounge chair or bar stool you could every buy. Wow did I go crazy. Ha, ha and then when I went to ship them all home guess what, it was going to cost 300 dollars. Dumb me! I was going to cut some of the cushions up to make the right sizes for my chairs so I preceded to rip all the stuffing out and then I pack the material in my suit case that I carried on the plane. Real smart? No! Now I have to sew them all up and stuff them again. Luckily I have some coupons for stuffing at Joann's. I added it all up and guess what? I could have bought everything at home for almost the same price. I did ship one large box by Postal and it cost 90 dollars. Oh well, now I have a project to work on. I"ll have to show finished products to you in a later blog. Wish me luck.
This project will sure keep me out of the stores for a while, except Joann's. I hope that you are having a great vacation where ever you are. God is still trying to teach me to be conservative with money, but, I keep flubbing up. I know He loves me and is still watching over me. He's probably laughing and saying "Make the best of your mess"! In the long run I will be very busy sewing. God knows me so well!!! Busy hands are happy hands. Thank you, Lord for loving me so much even if I'm a little ADHD. Hope you are glorified in the Lord this summer. Love You.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Last day of work for this teaching year. I are very tired as I write but, knowing my summer is full is a good feeling. I've told you many times, I do not do well with empty time. There's just so much relaxing and then I've got to have something to do. You may need more time to relax, but I have always become bored with nothing planned. It's part of my ADHD. I can be a little hyper at times and I pray to God in those times to teach me to slow down and "smell the roses." I have a wonderful back yard and I plan on working hard to make it even better. Isn't God great. He gives us so much. I need to take time to enjoy the little things....reading good books, sunning in the warm sun and just enjoying being at home with my husband. I'm not taking an extensive trip this year but I plan to visit my little family in N.C. and then teach summer school in July and then visit my daughter in Dallas a couple of times. Sounds like I've got it all planned. Wow, I feel better already. I hope God gives you special times and rest this summer. They really knew what they were doing when they planned teachers having time off in the summer. Who made that law? I'll have to look it up on google, my favorite way to find answers. Gotta go finish the last day. God Bless you and give you joy this summer.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bye Bye Sweeties

June 2, 2011. I am in transition, trying not to cry and be joyful for a year well done. We have had so much fun the last few weeks with Splash Day, Memory Day and now today is Pajama Day. We danced our last dance (Hula) for our parents and sang our favorite songs. We have become friends. Some of the students know change is coming. Tears are being shed and a joy of all the things we have learned is being spilled out like Niagara Falls. For me, it's like birthing a baby, the labor pains are gone and forgotten and the joy of that beautiful baby is all you can think about. We will miss their smiling faces and new acquired language skills. For when they have language they say, "I love you." Many thanks go out to my Co-teacher Diana for the labors of love she pours out to all. I could not do my job so successfully without her.
Thank you Lord for giving me this time with these cherished students. Thank You for always being there for me. Help me grow in your likeness so that all can see Your love. Amen.