Friday, December 10, 2010

The Time Is Approaching!!!!

Today is Dec 10, 2010 and the students are getting higher and higher on the anticpation of Christmas. I get nervous just thinking about going to school for the next 5 days. Do you?
Am I the only one that gets stressed over the homemade christmas card or ornaments for their tree at home? Even the activities leading up to the Class party just make me shiver. Yes, I like discipline and these days it's impossible to keep order. My ADHD goes off the charts. You must know that this condition in adults and children are hard to control. Imagine the ADHD child and all this hype.....Have patience I pray. Yes, every morning I pray to have more patience and love in my heart. I want them to enjoy these times and learn how to handle the confusion. Wow, God,
that's a big one for me, when I feel out of control. I pray for you today to slow down and enjoy each little activity in your class. May we don't need so much stuff just a little fun...sing songs,
write letters, (do breathing activities). It really works. Pray for patience for the most exciting time of the year is here. Jesus Birthday

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today is the second day of December! Gingerbread mania is in full swing in every class on my hallway. There are so many good projects for this old time story that has help give a twist to reading aloud....There's the gingerbread man, boy, baby, mouse, house, jalopena man cowboy
version and now the

tortilla man. Where will this literature adventure end. With goobs of activities, ask yourself the "OLD" saying "If it's cute does it count?". There's only so many hours in the day but with this literature extravaganza who could go wrong! Sequence, comparsion of each book, hands on learning making ginger bread little books to take home and read, to the artsy side of actually making a gingerbread house out of a big box for the dramatic enter with Gingerbread Baby. Introdution to JAN BRETT and her fabulous way of wrting and illustrating is a must. To conclude the week or two activities lets try some science with smells of christmas and real ginger spice, the concluding eveent...baking a gingerbread man or whatever. Please dont forget the Hunt when you have to go find him. I love it. It's not quite time to break open the tree in storage and go full blast but, that is why this unit is so great. It builds up to the other stuff .