Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Busy Busy Bee (Oh I mean ) Me!

It's only June and in one month I can't believe all I have done. Not bragging ….just amazed. The Lord gave me strength to finally let go of all those plastic tubs of teaching supplies…, first half to Salvation Army and then to three young teachers who needed "Stuff".  I cried the first have of the tubs and rejoiced at the fun in the faces of those young teachers receiving "Gifts of gold"as they called them!!!
Yes, I finally gave up my Title of Teacher of young children.  I did not give up the title of God's Teacher of love. Kinda has a good ring to it!!!!!
 Let's think about my past month…..designed watercolors from pictures of historic Hispanic Tiles from Famous San Antonio Artist from the 50's.  Here are some.

I didn't stop there… on to painting canvas shoes with acrylics. Oh how much fun are they to design. First design was a Lilly Pulitzer inspired pair for myself. Since I can't afford a lot of "Lilly" apparel I just made my own.  Big success !!! Then came the Ocean scene…the the Nantucket…then the Peligan…then another Lilly and the Fiesta Flowers.. Now working on a pair with 14 grandchildren made with 14 different boys and girls stick figures for a grandmother.  When I paint I pray….I think of the joy God has given me. I think of my children, friends and family and I pray. Painting and praying wow what joy is that?????  So who knows what will come next. I am having fun with God's gifts to me and enjoying the time of retirement.

I pray for all my friends who are just  getting out of school. My sweet friends take time to relax and smell the flowers. I pray you have a JOY filled summer so that you can be the best helpers God has out there doing his job on earth……teaching His children!! God Bless You and have fun!!! I am!