Saturday, March 9, 2013

On The Go

 My blogging has been on the back burner since I have retired. No time for that when you are having fun.  It took about seven months to get over the idea that I didn't have to go to work everyday. I tried several volunteer jobs and they just weren't for me. I must say I was really trying to stay busy and wasn't enjoying it. No one tells you that you are going to go through some serious transition time. Well I am here to say.....when you retire expect some adjustments.  I have heard from some of my retired friends that it took them a year to fully recover.  Wish someone would have given me this information.
Now to tell you what's happening to me now through
God's grace and love.

In the August I went and applied to be a substitute in the Catholic School system of San Antonio.
I quickly visited the larger schools and passed out my handout with credentials and phone number. Just like I learned in Public Relations 101.  No calls came. It was early September and so I decided to volunteer at one of the schools and start getting to know some teachers at that school. I paid my dues when I had to dust and sort reading level books from grades 1st through 5th. This job took a month of once a week spending time in a small room isolated from anyone, but, I got it done in record breaking time. I figured the sooner I got this job done, I could move on to the next "job".  I was hoping more in a classroom area. Now it was Oct. and I began getting calls to substitute! Boy was I thrilled.  It worked out to be just the kind of job I needed.  I could choose my days and the classes and still have time to go out to lunch, shop, or just be at home. God is so great!!!!

This kind of schedule affords me the opportunity to travel and see my kids. I have taken four trip to help one or the other of the girls. The youngest daughter moved to Atlanta and I help move her in, the first daughter needed me to babysit when she was having to make appearances for her new Book
"STRESS POINTS FOR THE 20 Somethings"  So, God does have a plan for me!!!!!!
I enjoy going to Atlanta and staying for a week and then hopping on the plane to N.C. to see my little family there.  My husband has been gracious enough to let me spend lots of time away from home.
His idea of my retirement is to have fun, enjoy our family and work whenever it is convenient for me.
What a wonderful guy.

I have spent most of my time subbing at one particular school.  I love going there and enjoying the   pre-k and kinder classes. The faculty is very loving and the students are outstanding in every way.  I love it!!!!  So see God has a plan for me and I know he's got plenty in store for me, because, He is so full of surprises.  Thank you Lord for loving me. He is so great!!!

I pray for all of you who are out there teaching and doing God's work.  It's a really tough world and you as a teacher are definitely doing it for love, because that's just the GOOD NATURE of teaching. God bless you. And don't forget to put a little joy, joy, joy in your life.  GOD'S JOY!!!!!!