Friday, June 24, 2011

Time Off

Teaching can be a challenge but time off for me is the biggest challenge. Get this..... I went to a sale while I was traveling. It was a sale of outdoor cushions for every size and shape chair, lounge chair or bar stool you could every buy. Wow did I go crazy. Ha, ha and then when I went to ship them all home guess what, it was going to cost 300 dollars. Dumb me! I was going to cut some of the cushions up to make the right sizes for my chairs so I preceded to rip all the stuffing out and then I pack the material in my suit case that I carried on the plane. Real smart? No! Now I have to sew them all up and stuff them again. Luckily I have some coupons for stuffing at Joann's. I added it all up and guess what? I could have bought everything at home for almost the same price. I did ship one large box by Postal and it cost 90 dollars. Oh well, now I have a project to work on. I"ll have to show finished products to you in a later blog. Wish me luck.
This project will sure keep me out of the stores for a while, except Joann's. I hope that you are having a great vacation where ever you are. God is still trying to teach me to be conservative with money, but, I keep flubbing up. I know He loves me and is still watching over me. He's probably laughing and saying "Make the best of your mess"! In the long run I will be very busy sewing. God knows me so well!!! Busy hands are happy hands. Thank you, Lord for loving me so much even if I'm a little ADHD. Hope you are glorified in the Lord this summer. Love You.

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