Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is in the air.

Here it is Feb. 13!!!!! How time flies when you're having fun..or learning. Yes, my little ones have grown into a very energetic, caring group. After all the work we have done learning about our feelings, we have arrived. They were making valentines cards all last week and giving them to their friends when they finished making them. Immediate thrill of the moment. It was so sweet seeing this happen in my class. The best part, they were copying words on the cards like love, hugs,kisses. "I love you!" was the best. That exclamation point counts as knowing punctuation. SCORE one for punctuation. Yes, I was exhausted from all the enthusiasm, but wow what fun to see so much growth. Even the younger ones who are not quite there yet were in great competition to try writing letters. Thank you Lord! It takes time with some groups and we are now reaching the Teachable moments of our year. I heart for this time when I can really kick up the expectations. Love means many things. I heard a quote last night. "Love makes the world go round...Love makes the trip worth the ride". Happy Hearts to all tomorrow on St. Valentines Day. Hope you get lots of hugs!

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