Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How did it get to be Jan. 26? Things are really moving along! Everyone in the class knows the social rules....Yeah. Finally the rules soaked in. Fifteen boys and five girls is not a good mix and I must constantly remember that boys and girls do not mature at the same rate. We are now studying about Winter. It doesn't snow in San Antonio so teaching about winter snow and activities can be a challenge. Oh but technology has take a big role in finding clips of kids playinging the snow, sledding. and skiing. The students love the big screen images. To change the subject.
My husband meet a wonderful Author on ebay, her name is Meryl Erlanger. She has published two series of children's books one is, George and Gracie (two little terriers) who go to live in the big city of New York. She also has a series about some adorable Abacus called "Hooves and Kisses".
She has an interactive site of both series and it's really good. Look her up. Her books are delightful. It's always fun to fund new literature for my students. I think she will have the "New Dogs" on the block. Move over Clifford.
Hope you are having a good year. Would love to hear from you and your thoughts about these new books. Talk to you later. God Bless!

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