Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! Tomorrow will be a very exciting day. My students will be wanting me to know everything that happened over the holiday. Some will have a hard time remembering the rules and everything they learned before Christmas. It's okay. As teachers that's what we are called to do......RECALL. I hope my students surprise me and we hit the road running . I"m going to take a day to just listen and recall. Pre-k is suppose to be a language building experience, isn't it? I am all excited to see them all. I"m sure they have grown allot and are glad to be back at school. Hopefully!
I needed the rest and I feel like a new person. I think that's what the Holidays are all about,resting. With my new and energetic mood I think I will be in good shape to do my job well.
Results of time and growth are so exciting for teachers. They will be taller and wiser and ready to learn more since they are more mature after Holidays .
So what's on your agenda? I hope you have fun the first day back. Just listen and laugh and make sure you get those manners and rules back in place. I pray for all of you. Have a wonderful day back and look forward to the wonders of maturity your students will exhibit. Isn't God great! Show Gods love in all that you do. Go for it, in his name Amen.

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