Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

Every teacher knows the feeling I am feeling this morning. "I don't have to get up this morning, Yeah!" Spring break is a time to rest, reflect, and just have fun. Fun maybe reading a book you've had for several months or piling everyone into the SUV and heading for the coast. It's going to be cold at the beach but, who cares. It's a change in our schedules. Do you ever wonder what your students are doing? I pray that they stay safe. Last summer my Son in Law and daughter took me to the beach. Through out my blogs I have used pictures from that trip. I never realized that those pictures bought back great memories of being together and how much fun it can be going to the beach. My grandson was totally enthralled in all of the activities and we had a wonderful time.
What a great experience. I have lived all year with that joy that came from that special trip. I am leaving tomorrow to visit my little family in N.C.. I know I will be filled with joy that will last a long time. Teachers need breaks and they need joyful time to refill their cup. I hope that you all have a wonderful joyful time on your break. God bless you and keep you safe!

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