Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am here to confess.....I need a head check. This week is Easter week and I am on over load.
I volunteered to teach and enrichment class after school (for money) and I went for my first volunteer hours at the Saddle Light Riding Club. Of course you know I am ADHD and take medication, but, sometimes I get as worked up about celebrating as the kids do. I can't help it.
It's a jelly bean high. We made these special bunny cards for the parents and had the annual Easter egg hunt. After the hunt we graph the eggs and count them. Well the morning class had 209 eggs and when it came to the afternoon class I just couldn't. Know your limits. My back was killing me and we had double the amount of eggs. We just stuffed every basket as full as we could and sent them on their way....Happy Easter. Now I can concentrate on enjoying my Grandson and daughters. Sorry, Lord, now I can think about this weekend and the true meaning of Easter. I pray for all your sweet teachers out there that you Easter egg hunts are over and that you can now have time to celebrate.

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