Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter is over, all the decorations are removed and onward we go to the next exciting adventure... Yes, San Antonio celebrates big time at Fiesta. Some of my students don't even know where they live,so, I produce a mini fiasco I mean Fiesta. What is a Fiesta? It's a party. What goes on at a party? Food, games, dancing, music, parades, kings and queens, fireworks, carnivals. I even have snacks that are representative of foods served at fiesta. Foods like kabobs, cotton candy, Popsicles, bueneulos, candied apples,chips and sauce. We dance the chicken dance , the Mexican hat dance and La Raspa. We have our own parade with floats that the students and their parents build (what a competition). And to top it off we have a mini fiesta and the King Antonio and his entourage come and pass out coins. When Fiesta really begins, I am so burned out I really don't care whats going on in town. When I think of this celebration I remember the big party in the Book of Ester. It went on and on and sounds sorta like Fiesta.
In Ester's case the King was trying to impress the people of his kingdom. Are we trying to do the same thing with Fiesta? I know it's important for my students to learn about the culture in our city and they do learn allot of vocabulary. I hope my students learn something. I'm having fun and I pray that your teaching role is a joyful experience. My niece who is a super educator says, "If it's cute it should count". Live it up, Vive Fiesta!


Sarah Martin said...

I wish Grayson could be in his Cita's class! So proud of you!

All Time Fabulous said...

Oh Mimo,
I love it! Fiesta is my favorite San Antonio event! I wish I was there to fiesta with you!

Love you!! xoxo