Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five year old's are so much fun. I was remembering when I was five. First, I lived on a ranch in the sandhills of Texas. Life was very different back 50 years ago. My parents were old when I was born. So........ When I went to my cousins skating birthday party in the city, I didn't know how to roller skate. I was a little fluffy at five and I riped my new pants and had to sit on the bench the whole party. Needless to say I never learned to skate. My cousin was from the city and would come visit on Sundays. All is fair in love and war...... when she tried to ride my horse, the horse ran down the road and cousin was hanging on for her dear life. She never learn to ride a horse. My Mom and Dad would saddle up that pony and I would ride for hours, all over the country. What were they thinking? They were thinking, thank God she's gone and we can have some peace for a while. You see ADHD children back in those days just had to cope and so did parents. The only problem with riding the horse so much, was when we got anywhere close to the barn it would tear off running and make a very sudden stop at the barn. I was of course on the ground having been thrown off at the abrupt stop. It happened every time. Ouch! One more story..... When it came time for my Holy Communion (I was brought up Catholic) I received money from my brother who was stationed in Germany. All I wanted from the money was to buy a Beebe gun. It was not powerful enough to kill an ant but I got it. I was playing like Annie Oakley on my horse and shot the gun like in the movies and landed in a castus plant, with my horse looking at me like "What the heck was that about". Ouch! Wow, I"m really impressed I can remember all that. Thank you God for that great life I had growing up. I pray that you as educators share your stories with your students and make them laugh too. Isn't Life fun?

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Sarah Martin said...

MOM! I've never heard the cactus story. Ouch is right!

You made me laugh-I needed that!

love you