Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009 This weekend was the beginning of Fiesta and My husband and I attended the Southwest Craft Center Art Fair. Enough said, I"m getting old or things are changing. Everything look like Ghetto art or was 3,000 dollars. We have very little on our walls at home and I guess that's the way it will stay. We went to our neighborhood King's Party and had a nice time. The King comes and passes out medals to all the underlings. This is Monday I wore all my of my medal from years past and told the students all about the King. We got right to work making our own medals with student picture and lots of glitter. Wow, here we go again. Tomorrow we willbe making our Crowns(more glitter) and get a little more excited. Our float parade is Thursday and the Mini Fiesta too. The King comes to visit our school during the fiesta party and by Thursday afternoon I'll be one tired cascagone (yes misspelled. Ha. Ha!) To say the least, I will never look back and say, "I didn't do my job"! The difference is, I LOVE IT. Thanks be to God, that I have a job (yeah) but most of all it is a job that is full filling. I pray that you teachers out there look at you job as I do, a joy that has been given to us. Praise be to God.

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