Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy New Year…the year of the Horse in China

New Year, New Friends, New Activities!

I am meeting new friends from here and there. I was in CornerBakery and meet a sweet woman from Illinois who is a professor. She was from Ireland originally and so we had a talk. She was visiting her adopted American families here in San Antonio. I asked if anytime she needed help with them to just call me. That was in June.
She and her family came to visit these same friends for Christmas and invited me to meet a lovely family that did not live far from me. I fell in love with this elderly couple immediately.
See how God works for me.
I was needing some new friends and some that have the same interests as I.
I can't say enough about how God works in my life.

I've helped this new friend with her computer work and loved every minute, you see she needs me like I need her!!!!
I am almost in tears right now,
 so I'll keep you informed of my new friends and new opportunities to serve the Lord and his people in my next post!
Until then…. May God give you JOY JOY JOY in your journey wherever you are!

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