Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another year Happier!!!!!

An abbreviated version of my year. Wow, how much fun can one woman have in one year.
Started the new year with an absolutely Beautiful Wedding of my Niece's on Cape Cod…..Ferry to Nantucket and shopping in the best LILLY Shop in the world. Loved the whole area.
I want to go back sometime! See being retired is not bad!!!!

Found an old(long ago) friend on Facebook. I've been having lunch a lot with her!!! It's so much fun.

Summer Fun in San Antonio with the whole family.
Easter gathering at Sister's place in the country was just beautiful!!!! she's a photographer and we got great shots of each other.  Love pictures of family!!! So happy!
I would love to display more…well just one more… A surprise party of new Friend's by a special friend BOO!  Thanks for the memories …..all of them.

And today starts another year of wonder and joy.
What will God bring my way?  I pray each day for a word from Him and which way to go.  It's a little hard waiting for answers,but they do come and it is so fun when I realize it's God's plan for me.
Retirement is rough for the first two years but if you put God as your "Event Planner" you will never be without JOY!!! I still pray
for my friends who are teachers and I know they are doing what God wants them to do!! Stick with it as long as possible…He needs a lot of helpers out there!!!!!!

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