Thursday, August 28, 2014

What…'s Aug.29th, 2014? Time for school to start and I didn't think once about it.

School beginnings always pumped me up and gave me a reason and purpose. A new year, a new set of students that needed love and molding. Not this year! I didn't even remember what day school started except for the post on Facebook. Mostly of loving parent's pictures of the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.
My grandson goes to and all year round school so my daughter is on a totally different schedule.
While teachers were spending hours and hours of preparation for the new year, I was fishing with my grandson. We went bowling (Oh I forgot to let him win). I'm Old School….just because your six yrs. old you don't always win. Saw a terrific movie with him and went to every fast food place his heart desired, even the Ice Cream Parlor in So. Pines. Took him to see his 2 year old nursery school teacher
Ms. Vickie (we are Facebook friends) and we love Ms. Vickie.

I am back from my visit…totally exhausted, but, oh so happy to be retired.
I know the Lord has more for me to do so I better cut this short and do some praying. Only through prayer can I hear his voice an his direction.
Happy school year to all. May it be the best one ever. Add your years up and see when you can join of the retired or should I say tire retired. It's so much fun.

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