Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to work.....or play

Wow it took 50 something years of growing and therapy to do that last list. Try doing one for yourself. It's a hard, but, rewarding assignment. I have to share today's story. I introduced the letter Cc today and their "Little Cc Book" had a picture of a cup. I laughed and told the class they could color it the color of coffee because coffee began with the letter C. Well, the new little guy in my class looked up and said "My cups going to be colored yellow cause my mom likes beer and I'm making her a cup of beer. How can you argue with that? Speaking of beer..... One time I was talking to a single mom and asked her how she did it, working and managing two young children? Without a skip of a beat she said "I drink allot of beer. Again, how can you argue about that? That's enough of my beer stories. God Bless your little hearts, teachers of all ages.

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Anonymous said...

I love that coffee story! Keep them coming! love you, Hannah