Friday, March 13, 2009

Twenty five things to know about me:

1. I am truly in love with my husband. I married him twice. Once at age 25 and again at age 54. Second time is twice as good.

2. I have found the total love of Christ. I know I am saved because Jesus died on the cross for my sins.

3. I believe in angels. Many times in my life I have encountered their presence.

4. Our family trips are one of the highlights of my life. Trips to Santa Fe, NY,Pennsylvania,Colorado, and the many trips to the Beach.

5. I can not explain the power of childbirth. Each of my daughters are miracles from God. They are the love of my life.

6. Living in the country is awful. I love carpet grass and pavement and shopping centers right around the corner.

7. I have a terrible fault..... I feel empathetic for people to much. I need to measure my feelings instead of taking in everyone's feelings.

8. Fault number 1 I can't say I'm sorry. I need to work on this. I'm a redhead, Irish and egocentric.

9. I can shop all day without eating a thing.

10. I love antiquing and finding something old for a great price rather than buying something new.

11. I love teaching for about 6 years and then I get ancie and want something more.

12. I love dancing with my husband. I remember the many fun parties we danced the night away.

13. I don't believe in Friday the 13. Everyday is a lucky day for me.

14. I pray more now that I'm older.

15. I love fashion of all kinds....even if it's not my age. That's when I get in to trouble with the fashion police.

16. One of my fantasies is to ride a horse again ,just to see if I can.

17. I received my ESL certification, read 7 books in the summer, and wrote a grant for 2200 hundred dollars for play equipment and was given that grant ,all this in one year.
What's so big about this? I'm ADHD and have found the medication that helps me use my brain and not feel dumb.

18. I miss my Dad everyday since his death. I swore I wouldn't. I was wrong.

19. I love my grandson! Being a grandparent is super!

20. My son-in-law is the best. He's the boy I never had. He's a wonderful addition to our family.

21. I am very creative,but, I usually want to make money from my creations. I had a Line of clothing called IRIS ANN for ten years. I also manufactured jewelry to go along with the line. I still love making things to sell. My theory is don't make just one. Make a lot of the item and sell sell sell.

22. I remember my birth in the Santa Rosa Hospital. I was pampered and was a precious baby to all. The nuns tied pink ribbon in my hair and paraded me around like a doll. I was born seventeen months after my brother died of a heart condition. He was four months old.

23. I am a real mush ,but, don't like showing it.

24.Europe,especially Italy, is more than I ever dreamed it would be. I waited 30 years for a trip to Europe and when I got there, I didn't want to leave. I love it.

25. I'll never regret the effort I put into living my life to the fullest. I'm a give it all kinda girl.


All Time Fabulous said...

I love it, Mimo!! We love you and are so proud of our Cita!!


Sarah Martin said...

I love the last one. Hannie and I know this. You gave us your all in raising us. Love you tons!