Tuesday, May 12, 2009


You won't beleive what happened to me! I'm a GRANDBIRD! My two cardinals were trying to announce the birth of their two chicks and that's what the fuss was all about on Sunday. When I finished my blog Sunday I went outside to the pool and watch those crazy birds. I finally realized there was a nest in the rosebush and quietly walk over to see. Much to my jubilation there was the first baby out of the egg and one more egg to go. I had taken my camera with me and I took the most incredible
picture of my first grandbirdbaby. Wow isn't God fun. He is always listening and knows our every moment. The surprise came on Mother's Day after I wrote my blog. God, you are something else. I hope I can post the pictures of the birdies. I've named them Twedlle and Dedelle. Listen when it's silent and maybe you can hear the words from God. Trust me he is always there.

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Sarah Martin said...

way cool mom! i wish i could have been there. congratulations birdmommom!