Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I can not believe it has been 5 weeks( I almost said five years) since school started. Yes, I love it!
I refer to the beginning of school as the labor pains when you are about to push in the birthing process.. Oh yeah without medication. It really is intense and sometimes you want to quit, but, you can't. In about April the Baby or student turns into this unbelievable child of God.
The last month is like the morning you take the baby home from the hospital. You are so proud and over joyed! Then it's May and the child has turned into a marvelous person. Then you have to trust and let them go..... to kindergarten . The process goes on each year. Some birth are easy, some are not and others are followed by postpartum blues. What do I do now? After 27 years of teaching I still haven't gotten over the pain in the beginning, the glory of each birth and the celebration at the end. Yes, teaching is a calling, you never know what this group will bring and it's
difficult to see the end results. Guess what? At the end you will not remember the pain just the joy of having that year with your students. I join with you and share your pain, but remember at the end it's the best feeling God has gives you. Look to the next months to show your joy, joy, joy for teaching. God needs you, so care for his little ones. Please pray for me and I for you in His name Amen.

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