Monday, November 22, 2010

Angels of the past.

Vacation....Boo Humbug. You know I dislike down time and here I am bored. I guess I like those little challenges I grip about each day. Sorry I don't mean to grip. Venting is a better word. I have realized that VENTING is a very healthy mental process. While talking to my co-teachers, we workout problems to situations in our classrooms. I am so lucky to teach with a marvelous team. Lately, we have been really working together to give each other support. The perfect teaching situation! Thank you Lord!!! Over the past twenty seven years I have not always had the perfect team. I remember having needed a job in January. We had just bought a new house and I needed to go back to work. I kind of laugh now, but, the job was the "The Up the Down staircase movie" all over again. Those to young to remember..... the movie was about a teaching job from hell. Yes, I was given a job in January.

The 25 most troubled students (five from each kinder teacher). It happens ever time you take a job in the middle of the year!!! Beware of what you wish for. Needless to say they needed to make a 6th class because of the over load in the 5 classes already formed. I walked into an empty class.... OH THE STUDENTS WERE THERE ,but, no materials, 4 tables and 25 students. I was a little shock to see three of the boys running across the tops of chairs and tables. They were going to show me who was boss. I can remember the prayer I said that very day, "Lord give me strength,wisdom and knowledge.....I need this job and with Your help I will CONQUER." I did not have an assistant and no one was my friend. I plodded through that year and must say won over the class and the co-teachers who had dumped on me in the beginning. It was really tough. The next year I transferred to a better situation. Oh, I forgot to mention for many years I had a carpool pal who talked over all the situations I was going through. I want to thank God, now for that special person in my life at that time. God gave her to me. Like an angel on earth to help me. WOW what an amazing Father I have in Him. To make the story short....27 years later I"m still teaching in difficult situations and He is still there for me. My special co-teachers are now guiding me like angels and I give Thanks on this week of Thanksgiving vacation to reminisce and Thank God for all those angels He has given me throughout my career as a teacher. I could not have done these jobs alone without His help. So I pray for you.....teachers of the world to look for those angels in your life that help God to guide you through difficult times Thank you Lord. Teaching is not a piece of Thanksgiving pie,but it can be if you ask for His guidance. Happy Turkey Day to all of you!!!

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