Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why can't we dress up all the time!

November 9, 2010, how did it get to November. I guess that October was so much fun. We studied Spiders, The Skeleton, and how much fun is the celebration of Halloween. It's great fun to pretend and use drama to learn. Our storybook parade was great fun with our parents watching us. On to Thanksgiving and does it ever slow down? My class is continuing to develop into wonderful little learners. I have a few tricks still in my bag to keep the harmful behavior at bay.
It all takes time. One of the Wellness supervisors let me in on a secret....You have 15 boys and five girls take a look at the maturity levels. Ding goes the bell, most researchers say boys develop at this age a little slower than girls. What have I been thinking? All is much better. Which brings me to the reason for the season. I have to be very thankful that I have a job. The world is a mess and millions of people are out of work. Thank you Lord for my job. Let me pray today for those less fortunate than I. Please help them find some kind of Light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, let them see your love and light, Lord. Only with you, will we as a nation strive and become strong. I"ll keep plugging a long and will not complain, because I know you are there with me all the time. Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope it is a blessed one for you.

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