Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Old but still going

It's been a while since I've written a post and I feel a little rusty. So, God be with me as I write this.

I had a whole different feeling about retirement after finishing Subbing last May. I was just like all the rest of the teachers.....ready to have summer! Surprise surprise after all those tears the first 6 month after I retired. See God does provide.
I spent a summer of lunches with friends, some remodeling jobs on our home and a three week MOT
(mom on tour). I went to see daughter  no. 2 in Atlanta and helped her survive her Bi yearly Trade mart. She works for a fabulous company who create out of this world Home Decor. I helped with hospitality and loved it.  Another life ago, I too produced a line of ladies apparel and attended markets with my creations. My daughter was schooled early in ways of MARKET TIME. I can't believe it's come full circle.
After market my daughter treated me to a trip to Seaside Florida. Wow what a place, but as God would have it rain got in our way of beach combing and sitting in the sun. The beach looked worst than the Texas Gulf and the emerald  green waters were stirred up by the storm.  Kinda like my retirement at first it was rather stormy but God provided precious time for Mom and Daughter to just be together.
She so wanted me to see the beauty of the area. Maybe next year
I then flew to spend 10 days with my little family in N.C. My grandson started year round school and I got to meet his teachers and have lunch with him. I didn't even cry. We went to Wrightsville beach the next weekend and loved every minute. The ocean was beautiful and we had a blast. I returned home and the next weekend I was on the Texas coast with my husbands and my siblings. The beach was awesome and the company very entertaining.
Back to school came and went and I went to lunch with a friend. I don't even think we talked about school.
You see a whole year makes a big difference. 
I would suggest if you're thinking of retirement take time to think about changing gears. It's a mental thing I wasn't ready for........but guess what "You get over it"! 
Find some new friends and enjoy cultivating a new season in your life. Never ever forget the JOY of the Lord! He is so wonderful. Maybe it's time to become a Christian soldier and trudge on to the glory of God.

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