Sunday, November 17, 2013

I can't believe it is Nov. 17th. Where did time go. I have been journaling more and doing a daily bible study. All of that has helped me so much! I have had a lot of joy in my life. I've substituted a few times and then stopped. I entered three Craft shows and have been vey busy preparing my "PRODUCTs OF LOVE". The things I make by hand are to help people feel better.

Butterfly pillows are for neck and back pain but I first made them for Stroke patience in rehab for Speech Therapy. My sis is a Speech Pathologist and wanted me to make her some sooooo…
150 Butterflies later here I am. I haven't really sold very many but, I give a lot away.  Which makes me happy! Through proven research people say they can't live without their pillows. Husbands fight over them and kids take them over also. They have been great for Cancer patients in Chemo. Mothers have used them for head rest while nursing. Which bring me to my next product…..

Sorry for the pic but this is a TaTA Tent for Baby's dining privacy.
Next are my heart pillows for Patients that have surgery or baby support for nursing.
I have made gaint 18X20 heart pillows of varies colors.
Next comes the 
NAPPY SACS for children's  nap time pleasure. Pillow and sleeping pouch rolls up for 
convenient storage. Various colors.

But latest new items….

Fussy Gussy Aprons for the Princess that cooks!

Stone and wire bracelets.
Come see all my wares at St. Lukes Catholic School on Callaghan Rd and 410, 
Nov.21 and 22 at 9a.m. to 5p.m.
Also at Region 20 Eduction center Dec. 6th  from 9a.m. to 2p.m.
Exit Waters St. off of I35north  go left turn at first light go right two blks. 
See you there.
10a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Ellen Crowley said...

What treasures you make Iris. Your energy, love and extraordinary generosity is so apparent. I am certain that the precious treasures you make bring so much joy to so many. Blessings, Paula.